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Hole 14 - Par 4
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Hole 5 - Par 4
Hole 14 - Par 5
Black-468 yds ı Blue-416 yds ı White-367 yds ı Gold-300 yds ı Red-299 yds
Handicap - 5
The 14th hole is a hard dog-leg right that measures 468 with bunkers at the corner of the dog-leg. Finding the fairway will make your approach to the green significantly easier. The narrow green requires the golfer to have excellent distance control.

Hole 5 - Par 4
A big fade is the perfect t-ball, beware of the bunker in the front of the green, and long is not a terrible miss.
Players should maintain
their proper position on the
golf course.

A four hour round is our goal

Any group falling behind may be asked to move forward to maintain a reasonable pace
of play.