Pro Shop

We’ve hand-selected the best of the pro golfing accessories and staples including golf balls, shoes and gloves, and shirts and windbreakers. We also offer a wide array of merchandise bearing the unique Moss Ridge logo, perfect for gift giving.

The bar at the Pro Shop is ready to serve you while you gear up for the green, we also offer a light menu that is perfect for before or after your round.

Our staff ensures prompt and professional service and is committed to satisfying all of your needs. The Moss Ridge Pro Shop is open to all guests of the Club, whether playing or dining.

Nothing to do this winter?

Come check out our Indoor Simulators!  We’ve brought in Foresight Simulators to address the offseason woes and keep you swinging your clubs year round!

Ask Dave about leagues or see our Tee Times available on on our SIMULATOR TEE SHEET.


13545 Apple Ave, 

Ravenna MI 49451

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